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:( Sadface for having to give it back. I thought you guys might be able to keep the cars a little longer since you got your cars about a month later than some of the others. Thanks for all you guys did with the Fiesta Movement. I know I'll see you posting up pictures of your new Fiesta ST here in a few months.

"What would Bryan want in a car?" I definitely laughed at that one. I'm in agreement with that. I gotta say, ordering one with all the options I want, it would be the perfect car for me too. It's a nice small car that's affordable, drives amazing, has some nice get up and go, comes with some excellent seats, and I like all the electronic gadgets that come with it (MFT, sync, electronic climate control, heated seats, ambient lights, push button start, even the push button on the door handle to unlock the car). The interior controls seem to be in all the right places for me. Having never been told where everything was or how to use it I got in the car and easily found the controls for what I needed to. That may not be the case for everyone. The fact that it comes in orange was one of the things that made me most happy, I've been saying for the past couple years after not being able to find a 2003 ZX2 in orange that I'd own an orange car before I died. I have some minor complaints like the shifter isn't short enough and it lacks a sunglass holder or the option to add projector headlights. But the shifter is easy enough to remedy, I've lived without a sunglass holder all my driving life and had the regular Fiesta not come with it that wouldn't even be on my list TBH, and the projectors are nice but the Fiesta still looks good with reflector headlights. I've spent countless hours looking over info on the car, taken 3 short test drives, and 4 laps around an autoX style track and I know for sure it's the car for me. And to think 6 months ago when I applied for the Fiesta Movement myself (although obviously didn't get in) that I didn't even want the Fiesta ST, I was still looking at getting a regular Fiesta.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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