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Leather parking brake handle?

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The Euro Fiesta/ST have a leather parking brake handle, as you can see here:

Anyone know if these will work in a US spec ST? Looks like the USDM version gets the regular plastic ebrake.
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The lower console looks to be identical, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't fit. Just like the headlights, it'll take someone with a fearless wallet to be the first one to try :)

PS: I'm saving up for the headlights. I'm 30% Honey Badger.
The e-brake handle is plastic.

I will have to look in to this upgrade.
Aftermarket might be an option as well, RedlineGoods has some fantastic options for shift boots and brake handles.
I don't really think the leather parking brake handle being plastic is that big of a deal. You use it when you take the parking brake off and put it back on, not a super high contact area. The shift knob and steering wheel are high contact and they are both leather which is good.
But I drive like Ken Block...
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Added weight for bling only ... pass :mischievous:
Actually, the EU ST center console and US console are entirely different. The handbrake does look like it was the same from the previous model year EU Fiesta's if you got the interior upgrades. I think the ST1600 cars had the leather handbrake handle, and it does really make the car look upscale. In the winter, I would say the handbrake is a very high contact area for me, however, I have now learned to do that with left foot braking. :)
according to Timmo in the other thread about the handbrake handle, the EU one will bolt right in. There are places that sell it and will ship it to the US.
Actually, the EU ST center console and US console are entirely different.
How do you figure? All the photos I've seen show that the console (lower half from the power point back, including armrest) are the same (for 2014, anyways), only the upper console into the dash differ.
Actually I would prefer a ball shifter handle.
Does anyone know of one of these that will fit?

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TWM M1 Abrams with Mountune Quick Shift Kit
Also the shift thread is the same as the FoST so any ball off that one should be the same I think COBB lists them with the same part number
Thanks for the input RodMoe.
I would love for the brake handle to match the shift handle but,
I have decided to go with the COBB shifter handle.
I've done the metal ball before and frankly there have been days where it gets too hot to handle.
I also like the way the COBB works with the reverse lockout.

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Glad to help it pass's the time till mine get's here ;)
I did confirm today that the Focus and Fiesta have the same thread on the shifter.
I installed the COBB shifter handle today.
It is very comfortable on canyon roads where a large amount of shifting is required.

Pics or .... Well one pic of the install plz
Pics or .... Well one pic of the install plz
Sorry, we didn't get home 'till late.
The test drive took longer than I thought. ;)

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Looks good thank you again sir :)
Has anyone swapped handbrake grips out for the leather one from the Euro FiST yet? I haven't even seen them for sale on Ebay.
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