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Lighting upgrades

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I decided to do a bunch of lighting upgrades both inside and outside the car with Sylvania Silverstar products. The first step was the dome and map lights. As you can see from this pic, they are WAY brighter.


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I went through a whole slew of Sylvania products before trying the zxes. They're definitely the only ones worth the couple extra bucks, I didn't have the short life issues many complain about, they probably got fingerprints on the bulb when installing.
I concur on the whole doing fogs and regular bulbs at the same time, taking out the two torx bolts makes getting to the other bulbs much easier too. I wish there was a drop in led replacement for the fog light assembly, like I can get for my Jeep.
These are what I am running; (will check the box tonight to make sure) high beams low beams

YES! someone else who buys from :) I've been to their "store" several times as it's about 30 minutes away from here (Allentown). I have bought so much from them for my Jeep over the years. I was thinking about getting some of the dichroitic bulbs for the highs -for $7, I can afford to not like them, however, I usually find that's not the case with Hellas.
I'm the other way. I actually want a more yellow look.
Does anyone have a recommendation for that ? I just don't get the super white or purple look.
This is what I'm doing for the fogs. I ordered the Hella optilux yellow H11 bulbs for the fogs. But I've had good luck with the ZXEs in the past so I went with those for the H11 Low and H1 High. have some Hella Diacromic H1s coming to compare as well.
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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