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Lighting upgrades

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I decided to do a bunch of lighting upgrades both inside and outside the car with Sylvania Silverstar products. The first step was the dome and map lights. As you can see from this pic, they are WAY brighter.


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I changed all my interior lights to LED... big difference
Love my hid's

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They so make the car.. Hate sickly yellow headlights from factory
I've found they don't last long. I had them in my last ford.. What about a good hid kit on Amazon?
I need some more detail on how to get the dome light of my car so I can replace them with LED's

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I read all the stuff about short lifespan. Figured I would try one set and find out for myself.
for the price here in Canada I was hoping to get longer than 9-10 mths
Can I use led's in the fog lights.. I NEED bright lights, I find at nite the factory bulbs are the shits
Ordered some yellow H11 fog bulbs and put them in today.

Daylight comparison

Night comparison

From inside

Both, fog only

Both with headlamps
Just picked up hid yellow fogs lights.. Now to install them
Has anyone taken out the glove compartment light?
1 - 8 of 50 Posts
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