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Lighting upgrades

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I decided to do a bunch of lighting upgrades both inside and outside the car with Sylvania Silverstar products. The first step was the dome and map lights. As you can see from this pic, they are WAY brighter.


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I did the Sylvania XZE's in the low beam and fog lamps today. Also LED's in the reverse, tag lamps and interior bulbs. Makes a big difference, and worth the money !
Got mine a couple of years ago and used them in my other Fiesta, so mine look different. Guess the design has changed, but this is the correct number.
I checked the chart again and 3157 is correct for the 2011 year model Fiesta Hatchback. Guess Ford has changed the bulb. You asked.. What bulb I was using, and that the one I'm using. Not gonna buy another set of bulbs when the ones I have do the same job.
Got to drive last night for the first time after installing the H11 ZXE's low beam and fogs a great improvement over stock bulb. Now to replace the H1 high beams with ZXE's. Ay just more and more money :eek:
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I've noticed since I bought my car there has been some vibration with the left headlight beam. Today while installing the H1 ZXE's high beams I discovered the adjustment assembly inside the light housing was broken. There's something that got past quality! Lucky though I was able to get some high strength adhesive and bond the thing together without interfering with the adjuster. Now that all the bulbs are in the ZXE's are well worth the money ! :)
So do you agree that the high beams are an even bigger improvement than the low beams?
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