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I have a Livernois tune on my vehicle and I love the increase in power and the removal of the unavailability of over boost in first and second. The care feels like it gained cubic inches as far as the power curve. But, about 4-5 months ago I got some Continental Extreme-Contact sports in 205/45/17. I got these tires knowing that Livernois's website advertised that they could adjust speedometer readings for the Fiesta ST. I contacted Livernois with the specs of my new tires and they sent me a new tune for correction of the speedometer and the tune gave me throttle surge when I shifted gears and the power curve wasn't as smooth. I contacted Livernois and they resent me a new tune that did the EXACT same thing. I then contacted them a THIRD time and the guy said he would contact the head tuner. I have not received a response in over two months from that time and have assumed they simply brushed me aside as a problem that is not worth their time.

So, I would recommend their tune if you want power, BUT ONLY if you don't plan on changing tire size. The programmer seems very limited in it's capability and the company isn't concerned with problems that the customers run across, apparently.
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