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"LSD" option I can make happen and soon, read full post before commenting please:)
I have some strong points in this thread for good reason so please read it through with the understanding I am working to help us all out and want to keep this on the right note and move forward as soon as possible:)

"LSD" why written this way?

Because many naysayers about what it can, can't, won't, last, work, etc...........I have heard it all.

IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY, back it up with FACTS or please do not post unless you can substantiate what you have to say;)

If you do have Facts to back up what you wish to post then by all means I really want to hear them, of course:):)

Phantom Grip

I have had great personal experience with boosted FWD cars using them. I have sent them a diff from a brand new car and had a working unit sent back to me within a week, back in 2002. I built a super fast, Street Mod class, the first turbo charged 1ZZ Matrix, anywhere, and needed an LSD but none were available so I gave it a try and it simple WORKED, amazingly well.

That is my ex red Matrix on their home page by the way:)

I have owned many LSD units and the PG was the smoothest, most linear and easy to drive and it worked exceptionally well on all types of surfaces, hot asphalt, concrete, cold and sandy, wet, snow, packed dirt, gravel.....The only other diff I know that works as smoothly, meaning you can drive faster into and out of corners, is the big bucks OS Giken and I bought one of those before as well.

I have had three custom built BMW diffs, one race and one street custom Vette, full JDM STI drivetrain under a Forester XT, several Miata race and street cars, Scion and the Matrix with PG, and more, gear driven, disk, a bit of experience with LSDs though of course as always there are those that know more, have had more, etc....that is part of life......

I have no vested interest in this other than I want an "LSD" and have used several of these since and always loved the results.

Thousands of units have been installed in cars all over and thousands have been totally satisfied with the results.

I have only had one person ever even come close to convincing me they had a problem caused by one of these units, it was a very high powered RWD car with slicks and an old diff so what really caused it is impossible to really determine.

Every other internet gossip story I chased down ended up in he said, she said, rumors, period.

AGAIN, if you have something negative to say then post facts to back it up, please, I am working to help everyone get something that works, does not need the diff setup but a specialty tech, and costs around $350, not start a thread filled with nonsense.

I have been trying to get the exact model number of the transaxle in this car to see if they could match up anything they have done for another car but no luck yet so I might pull my diff out and send it off to them.

Once done then it does not take long before they are in stock.

If you are interested in getting a great working "LSD" for a great price, easiest to install(taking apart a transaxle is not for the faint of heart but once to the diff the unit is a simple install) then this is the only option there is and it can happen rather quickly.

I am retired, I have several parts I could make happen under my brand name and start an ST business easily but I am only doing this to help others and myself get great parts for our particular needs, any vendors want to step in and take over I am more than happy to offer advice, contact info, or just stand back and let it roll......

Let's hear what you have to say, thanks:)

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It is made from a high grade alloy steel and springs that fit in the holes to keep them in place and push the blocks against the spider gears which keep them engaged for "LSD" type results. Simple, low weight, low cost, easy to install(once the diff is out of the car)
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