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My wife has been daily driving my FiST for the past year and a half because I didn't want to get rid of it. She's been a good sport but would prefer something a little less aggressive. I might just trade it in, but thought I'd see if anyone was interested in a good deal on a well cared for car.

The FiST has about 37k miles (mostly highway as she commutes from MA to Hartford a few times a week). She also hardly ever takes advantage of its performance (which is a bit sad, hah).i

It has:
Cobb turbo back with catted downpipe
Cobb intake
Cobb intercooler
Cobb rear engine mount
Protune via access port by BrenTuning.

The car was purchased with the regular interior but I swapped in the Recaro's front and rear.

It will come with 2 sets of wheels, 15" alloys with winter tires and 16" alloys w/ brand new Firestone summer tires.

The car has had oil changes every 3500 miles w/ Amsoil Full Synthetic

It's also been garaged it's whole life.


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