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When I picked up my PB FiST for the first time it was near closing time at the dealership and dark outside. After driving the car literally 1 block to a restaurant I noticed one of the wheels had a similar chip. I emailed my salesman about it and the dealership had the wheel repaired by a wheel repair company. Cost them about $200 to fix. They removed the tire and filled the chip area with some sort of filler then repainted the entire wheel. Can't tell there was ever any damage done to wheel.

If its important enough to you I would pull you friend and aside and say even if the tire machine has all plastic parts if you apply enough pressure up against the wheel of course the paint is going to chip. The wheel can be repaired, just a matter of whether your friends tire shop or you want to pay for the repair. Like jariten said you bound to eventually get a ding or two if you hit a big pot hole.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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