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Mishimoto J line intercooler.

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It's big. The core measures 22'x7.2'x3.75'. This is the absolute biggest intercooler that will fit in that space.
I know what you are thinking. More turbo lag, right. Not at all. You'll think I'm lying but I swear it spools quicker.
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sorry to revive this old thread but, how did you manage to install without cutting the bumper? did you have issues fitting the silicone elbows and clearance when installing the bumper? i mean i understand you have to cut the plastic piece beneath the IC but i dont want to cut anything else. I noticed in the install video tutorial that he had to cut also both plastic pieces on both sides. i would like to cut as less as possible.
It looks good but I'd I have to go back to stock I would need a new bumper. It looks good tho. So if I get the jline there is a way to install without cutting the bumper?

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Thanks for the info. I think this is the route I'm going

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