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Motor Trend's First Test

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I've driven a 1989 Ford Probe Turbo, I know what lag is and the author of that review is wrong.

The thing spools pretty much instantly but its a 1.6, its never going to have big block V-8 torque just off idle. What you get is plenty by 2,000-2,500 rpm and you would have to be some kind of hypermiling idiot to operate at rpms much below that.

I can only imagine that the author is used to powerful cars with automatic transmissions tuned to kick down at the slightest hint of throttle depression.

The Fiesta ST takes a little more effort than just a stab of the pedal, especially if you're doing something dumb like driving in 6'th at 35 mph. Luckily I'm one of those odd people who enjoys shifting for myself.
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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