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Motor Trend's First Test

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I've driven a 1989 Ford Probe Turbo, I know what lag is and the author of that review is wrong.

The thing spools pretty much instantly but its a 1.6, its never going to have big block V-8 torque just off idle. What you get is plenty by 2,000-2,500 rpm and you would have to be some kind of hypermiling idiot to operate at rpms much below that.

I can only imagine that the author is used to powerful cars with automatic transmissions tuned to kick down at the slightest hint of throttle depression.

The Fiesta ST takes a little more effort than just a stab of the pedal, especially if you're doing something dumb like driving in 6'th at 35 mph. Luckily I'm one of those odd people who enjoys shifting for myself.

very well said! Anyone saying the ST suffers from turbo lag is an idiot and needs to go back and drive a mid-80's SVO, T-Bird Turbo Coupe, RX7, or Probe to see what lag really is. Lately I have given up on reading Car & Driver, Motor Trend, and just about any mainstream car mag. I rarely agree with anything they say. If Grassroots Motorsports reviews a compact, I generally agree with everything said. Ron's review of the ST is spot-on and shows that the car really fits the sport compact buyer/enthusiast. Autoblog has nailed a few reviews for compact cars, but their writers tend to be younger, have a pulse, and actually like cars.
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I have not read it yet, but there was a Consumer's Report article that bashed the ST over the lack of cargo room and MPG. Umm, if I wanted a hybrid or a cargo van, I would have bought one. Clearly the author had no clue why somebody would buy a smaller car that gets less than 40 MPG. I doubt the author of the article knows the joy that comes from hurling a Fiesta ST around a racetrack. I pity a life in which no such joy exists.
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