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Motorcraft vs Ford Original brake pads

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Hi everyone,

I'm curious what the difference is, if any, between the Motorcraft brake pad compound and the blue/white box Ford original parts brake pads. I have almost 19k on my 14 FiST now and its time for brakes. I got a 15% off coupon for brake parts/labor from my dealer and I'm trying to weigh whether its worth it or if I should do things myself.

I thought the factory installed brakes on the FiST are great apart from the dusting of course. I'd also read about Ford reformulating the brakes and there being a shortage? What's the deal with that?

Any info would, as always, be greatly appreciated!

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According to the dealer there are no Motorcraft pads for the FiST? I guess that answers that.
Last I checked OEM pads won't be available till June 12th or after.
Yeah apparently they ordered the wrong front pads. I'm going to buy Porterfields and be done with it. So much for convenience.
Thanks for the info Steve. I'm kind of in a bummer of a situation. I can buy aftermarket pads like Porterfields which are awesome, but they don't dust at the same rate as my newly replaced rear pads, or I can wait for the Ford Genuine fronts to maybe be available and just try and be extra gentle on the 2mm or so of brake pad I apparently have left on my stock fronts. Neither is ideal. Also found out that my dealer overcharged me for the rear pads by $20. So that's awesome.
The only pads from Ford for the Fiesta ST are P/N AY1Z-2001-D, current ETA from Ford is June 29th.

There are no Motorcraft pads listed yet, in my experience Motorcraft pads tend to be very good products and I've used both on my SVT with great results so if/when Ford releases a Motorcraft pad they should be a good alternative.

Any updates as to the availability of the stock pads? It's getting to the point where I can't wait anymore and my dealer is trying to put some garbage economy aftermarket pads on my car. I may just have to bite the bullet and do porterfields.
Nope, none on order. I'm going to call Ford and complain to high heaven though (after I call Porterfield). Thanks for the update Steve!
Well, the saga continues. I've been in contact with Ford's LA region customer service manager a couple of times. I've also been told she would call me several times and heard nothing. My pads are "on order" with the dealer so she can attempt to escalate things. The fun thing is that as of Wednesday night my front brakes are metal to metal. I am beginning to regret my purchase of a domestic automobile pretty seriously.
While the lack of OE pads sucks, why not use some aftermarket pads? With the constant cleaning of my wheels and stained driveway from cleaning brake dust, I am not planning on using OE pads for replacement. I don't know what I will use yet, but I have another year before I am ready. For anyone in desperate need of pads, I would highly suggest using an aftermarket pad and not destroy the rotors or put yourself or others at risk. I think my 2011 Fiesta was the first car that I ever used OE pads as replacement, otherwise, they have all been aftermarket.
I actually really like the stock pads, plus I still have stock pads on the rear. I could go aftermarket but my dealer would likely refuse to install them. I can't do the work myself because I live in an apartment in the middle of Los Angeles and have no access to tools, etc. Plus, the fact that basic consumables for a current production car are unavailable is absurd. If I can get Ford/the dealer to go with it, I'll probably have them install Porterfield R4-S pads. We'll see.
This, if you have to drive it you obviously have to stop. Just install what's available and switch back to OEM later if you want OEM.

Part of the issue is due to a part number/engineering change on the pads, hopefully the new ones last longer. Along those lines, how many miles are people getting out of these pads?

I got a little over 20k out of my pads and rotors. The car isn't being driven while the brakes are questionable, I'm no fool. Especially here in LA where everyone drives like they're on the Mulsanne Straight at all times. That said, engineering change or not, they should have a plan in place for this and not just leave customers out to dry. As I said in my earlier post, if the dealer will warranty aftermarket pads then fine. I'm fine with going with those. It's not the pad itself that I'm concerned about, it's having the car worked on by qualified people with an enforceable warranty.
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