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Motorcraft vs Ford Original brake pads

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Hi everyone,

I'm curious what the difference is, if any, between the Motorcraft brake pad compound and the blue/white box Ford original parts brake pads. I have almost 19k on my 14 FiST now and its time for brakes. I got a 15% off coupon for brake parts/labor from my dealer and I'm trying to weigh whether its worth it or if I should do things myself.

I thought the factory installed brakes on the FiST are great apart from the dusting of course. I'd also read about Ford reformulating the brakes and there being a shortage? What's the deal with that?

Any info would, as always, be greatly appreciated!

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While the lack of OE pads sucks, why not use some aftermarket pads? With the constant cleaning of my wheels and stained driveway from cleaning brake dust, I am not planning on using OE pads for replacement. I don't know what I will use yet, but I have another year before I am ready. For anyone in desperate need of pads, I would highly suggest using an aftermarket pad and not destroy the rotors or put yourself or others at risk. I think my 2011 Fiesta was the first car that I ever used OE pads as replacement, otherwise, they have all been aftermarket.
brakes are a wear item, there really isn't a warranty for them. Nobody will warranty a wear item, unless for a manufacturing defect. I also don't see a dealer refusing to install aftermarket pads. I have had my local dealer install aftermarket clutches and performance stuff on my other cars. If you want to pay them money, they will put parts on the car.

There are so many brake places around, I would be shocked you would have trouble finding a place to install pads. Honestly, pad replacement is really easy. Jack, jack stands (for safety), 13mm socket for the fronts, not sure about the rears since I haven't had them off yet, and that is about all the tools needed. There is a jack in the trunk, jack stands can be found pretty cheaply and you can get by with one of them, and a socket is pretty easily attainable. If it was me, I would have a new set of pads on their way and put them on the car. Swapping pads is far from a tough job. Heck, rally teams rebuild entire smashed cars in the forest, so swapping brake pads in a parking lot is ungodly simple in comparison.
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