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mountune quick shift kit

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have a mountune quick shit kit that I installed. It was only in the car for about 2 weeks before i bought the whole boomba kit. Product worked great but when i saw the boomba kit offered more reduction for the throws I just had to buy it. so, lightly used 2014 fiST mountune quick shift kit for sale- $200 obo. pm if interested.

Happing FiSTing! :D
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I was sent only the quick shift without any installation hardware!!!! I've e-mailed him 3 times over the course of an entire week with no response.
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CSM: where are you located? I can send you mine since the part is already installed on mine and im not taking it off. Your talking about the bolt used to remove the pin right?
Wow, thanks for the kind offer. I actually received the tool to take it off. What I need is the allen bolt that fits into the shift fork, and the small allen bolts that "crimp" the unit to the fork.

I contacted Mountune about this and they mentioned that this could be one of the older quick shift units that didn't fully allow for 6th gear engagement, hence why he kept the hardware. I'm really hoping this guy didn't just sell me his "old" unit because he received a "new" unit for free. That would be very shady indeed.

Here is a picture of the unit in question. Can anyone tell me if this is the old or new design?
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Mountune is sending me a set of the hardware! Kudos to them!
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