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My custom built 76mm exhaust..long read

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So, dropped the Driftmobile V2 off at KontrolFreakz for custom exhaust build. I will try and keep this thread going as a work in progress thread, so you guys can see it's not just a matter of slapping on a pipe.

Really LOTS of work need to be done:

Before all started

On the lift

Prepping started

Need to remove engine cover, lights, induction and water bottle.

Wiper removal

Need to removethe wipers and slide out the wiper blades

Remove induction:

Need to remove induction to get access to the top bolt on the DP.

Now, need to get past that heat shield so we can access the DP.

more to come .....
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Great work and thanks for sharing this. Are you still on a stock tune? Is the car running well?
Yes, stock tune. I gained 10wkw and 50NM at 2500RPM. Took a while for the exhaust to bed in, but as you know it will always need a little carbon build up before its at its best. In hindisight , i should have put on more mileage before I did the after dyno. Big plus is that fuel consumption is also better, guess thats power to weight ratio working right there.
Looks great!

Here in the States I'm really getting close to pulling the trigger on one of these:
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