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I wanted to let the community know that I'm very sorry in tainting the image of our FiST family with two of my threads. I being a part time driving instructor should know better then to drive so recklessly on the roads, furthermore I shouldn't have created threads discussing these events thus giving the idea that it's ok to drive so on the streets. It is not ok, and I must thank BRGT350 helping me realize how stupid my actions were. As I have preached to many people around my community, the best way to test the limits of your car are at sanctioned racing, driving schools, and other events meant for you to be able to drive your car at these limits.

I asked WRC fan if those two threads get taken down which thankfully they were, so people who join our forum realize the mature and respectable community our FiST family is, not only on the road, but also the track. I admit, the excitement got the best of me by finally driving a car I had waited 2 years to finally drive, but there's no excuse for my faults. I'm sorry again for being so disrespectful to the community and hope I can still be a somewhat honorable voice in the community.

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