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My PB Fiesta ST...

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... is finally home after 17 weeks!

Better pictures when it's nicer out.


As promised:

On anyone know if this is a block heater or battery warmer or ???

Lloyd rubbertite mats, Weathertech visors, Osram Unlimited + Nokya Hyper-Yellow bulbs are on the way. Surprisingly, I found the OE pedal position not that bad for rev matching. It's a little low for puttzing around town but I wouldn't want the inch + lifts that are available now. Grabbed a set of Razo Grips pedal set for cheap on fleabay. We'll see how that goes. Debating the ADD W1 ver.1 baffled can or a 10 week wait for a Saiko Michi can...


So I installed the pedals:

I stuck it on further left that what the manual recommended (it recommends the lower left bolt be flush with the lower left corner but be able to see through to the floor). It seems to be flush when the brake pedal is about 50% depressed (note I haven't driven it yet, based on first brake application with ignition off). I'll have more to say when I drive with them tomorrow.

Here's a pretty bad video with lighting via flashlight:

I also got a fleabay pet hammock for my dog. The divider keeps him from jumping up front and holding hands. Being 70 lbs. and all, not such a great idea.

I like these ones because it has side flaps as well. Hair in carpet is no fun, even with the squeegee trick (rake the carpet with the squeegee to bunch up pet hair).

My Osram bulbs are here from but apparently the Nokya bulbs are drop shipped from Nokya USA (LA). Waiting for the full set before I pop those in. Note the blue tint at the base and tip of the bulb is *very* blue, like Nokya 6K bulb blue.

Also torqued the wheel lugs. The specs are: 19mm, M12x1.5, and 100lb-ft if anyone is wondering.
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It should be Rado Grey. Maybe the lighting is weird? Now that you mentioned it... it does seem a bit light. I'll be heading back to the dealer soon and compare with the ones they have in stock. Thanks for the heads up.

I got Razo RP25 (it's a set) and I plan to just install the gas pedals only. It looks the closest to stock :p
Updated with pedal and pet stuff.
Bulbs today! (I mangled the plastic bumper a bit =_=)

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Got my Lloyd Rubbertite mats in. Technically they fit great (shapewise) but the driver's mat needed a trim as the clutch pedal contacts the mat and started wearing it out after one round trip commute to work. The gas pedal also touches the mat. I believe the "step" right below the pedals is what is causing the issue, since the mat is not soft enough to follow the contour of the floor.

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