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My ST should be delivered this week! (a gratuitous chance to show my '11 SES)

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It's finally almost here hopefully. Saying goodbye to my '11 SES with a little under 104k on it. Other than a truly heinous 6-speed dual clutch transmission (it's really, really bad), it has been an extremely rewarding experience. By far the most fun car I've ever driven. It's been real, but now the real fun starts.
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We traded in a 2011 WT Zetec (Top spec Auzzie model) to our ST.
Apart from the odd bit of terribly maintained road though which the ST crashes and bumps, the ST is an awesome upgrade.
Difference between the 1.6L normally aspirated petrol and the 1.6L turbo is light night and day.

Never need to change down gears on the highway - just torque my way up the hills. :)
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