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MyFord Touch Opinions

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Hello all,

I'm looking at a couple of sporty compact car options right now, mostly a Dodge Dart GT. It's not as sporty as an ST, but one of the things I love is Chrysler's Uconnect system and touch screen. It's awesome, and the integrated garmin navigation is awesome too.

Can anyone give me a rundown of their experience with the MyFord Touch with Nav? Ups and Downs?

Thanks for any help!
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I absolutely love the Fiesta ST, but frankly, the MyFord Touch system sucks. In my opinion, a touch screen in an automobile is an extremely bad idea and the verbal commands don't make up for it. Using a touch screen while underway is literally the same as texting-while-driving. Focusing on the screen is a good way to run off the road, or something else just as bad. The system sounds pretty good, it's just a PIA to use.

Having said all that, I'd still buy the ST all over again. The joy of driving it, even just commuting, is unparalleled. Ain't no Dodge Dart GT going to come close. If you haven't done it yet, take an ST for a drive. You'll be converted.
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