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MyFord Touch Opinions

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Hello all,

I'm looking at a couple of sporty compact car options right now, mostly a Dodge Dart GT. It's not as sporty as an ST, but one of the things I love is Chrysler's Uconnect system and touch screen. It's awesome, and the integrated garmin navigation is awesome too.

Can anyone give me a rundown of their experience with the MyFord Touch with Nav? Ups and Downs?

Thanks for any help!
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I got my FiST in November and promptly put nearly 20k miles on it before March. IMO, the MyFord touch with Nav is pretty darn good. I think one of the problems with people's perceptions of touch screen systems is that they expect them to be as responsive and easy to use as an iPhone. Once you accept the fact that the touch screen takes deliberate presses in order to execute commands, then you're halfway there. I've used the Sync voice commands with the sunroof open at 50 mph, again it's not perfect but it's pretty good at what it does. When you use it, don't look at the mic and don't shout. Speak in a clear tone of voice and normal volume and it will work most every time. It does take some investment on your part to learn the voice commands. One nice touch, when the system asks what you want it to do, it gives you a list of possible answers on the screen. Lastly, I'm really impressed with the Nav system. The screen is easy to read with good graphics, you can operate it with your voice like everything else, and when the Nav gives you directions to follow it mutes the stereo slightly so you can hear the instructions through the stereo speakers.

I had a non-touch screen in my Volvo S60 that used a thumb-wheel interface on the steering wheel, and I've used stand-alone Garmin GPS receivers in my other cars before. To me, the MyFord Touch system with Nav is the best of both worlds.

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