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I'm going to buy a Fiesta ST before the month is out. Is the navigation "worth" it? My default solution is currently Google Maps on an iPhone.

My real questions are does the Nav option as equipped on the Fiesta include an upgraded audio system? Also, SYNC had some issues when it first came out. Are these largely resolved in 2014?

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Meh, It's pretty good in terms of Nav systems. It works well with voice command as long as you can pronounce addresses well. It's usefully when you are underway and want to navigate somewhere or find a McDonalds on a road trip. It's really usefully when you're on your own and can't use your phone to navigate on the fly. I don't regret buying it.

Sync is pretty good too. I find the Bluetooth connection isn't great but overall the system is solid. No problems or glitches on mine. Most of the other FiSTers would agree.
That sounds pretty good. I had those I same issues with Apple's native map app. I have not had many issues with Google's map app, though.

I wonder if Nav is a dealer installed option?
No, I think it's actually done when they install the Sync firmware at the factory. That's why you can't just install the nav module even though every car has the necessary hardware. I think every Sync is tied to the VIN number of your car too. When I picked mine up, the dealer just gave me the Sd card with the manuals. I popped it in and off I went.

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