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I'm going to buy a Fiesta ST before the month is out. Is the navigation "worth" it? My default solution is currently Google Maps on an iPhone.

My real questions are does the Nav option as equipped on the Fiesta include an upgraded audio system? Also, SYNC had some issues when it first came out. Are these largely resolved in 2014?

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I opted out of Nav, because of the price and just use my iphone through sync for directions. You don't lose anything else from the stereo in the NA market, but elsewhere there is a non-touch base radio option.

As far as it being buggy, I haven't had any issues with mine, but others here have had issues with theirs. The touch input lags a little bit, but is not overly annoying, and voice controls work well but you have to remember the commands.

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Yup, an SD card and a firmware change as I understand. You can view your latitude and longitude without the nav.
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