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I'm going to buy a Fiesta ST before the month is out. Is the navigation "worth" it? My default solution is currently Google Maps on an iPhone.

My real questions are does the Nav option as equipped on the Fiesta include an upgraded audio system? Also, SYNC had some issues when it first came out. Are these largely resolved in 2014?

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OK, thanks. Last year, I bought a Mazda CX-5. On that model, navigation is added via an SD card; there is no additional hardware required. Does adding navigation to the Fiesta ST work similarly?
I know you said OK thanks but I just had to chime in.

I used Google Maps on my iPhone with another car and hated it. It tells me to turn after I passed it. It does not recalculate but takes you through some godforsaken road.

The Navi I have on my FiST is awesome. Its right there. "in a half a mile" "in 100 feet" and one last bing when its time to make the turn. The bing sounds like an airplane. It also splits the screen in two, the right half magnifying the exit.
That sounds pretty good. I had those I same issues with Apple's native map app. I have not had many issues with Google's map app, though.

I wonder if Nav is a dealer installed option?
I actually really like the nav. I use it to find cheaper gas near me when it's time to fill up and the voice commands help a lot.
Will it locate 93 octane or E85?
My complete NAV system is available! Turns out, I don't need it much on the track. Drop me a line if you want it.
I don't own the car yet, though.
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