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I'm going to buy a Fiesta ST before the month is out. Is the navigation "worth" it? My default solution is currently Google Maps on an iPhone.

My real questions are does the Nav option as equipped on the Fiesta include an upgraded audio system? Also, SYNC had some issues when it first came out. Are these largely resolved in 2014?

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If you want nav, get it with the car from the factory because it's not something you can install after the fact. It's not dealer installed. It comes with the SD card that has the maps on it and the update maps you buy a newer version on a new SD card and swap out the cards. Can't just put a card in a non-nav car and expect it to work though.

I want in dash nav because I use a Garmin unit now that's hardwired to my car and it's always running so I can just use it if I need it. But I leave it attached to the windshield with the suction cup and the heat of sitting in sun in a hot car makes it fall off the windshield all the time. Plus I don't really care for the extra peripheral that doesn't really go with the interior. I like the built in nav that's a part of the screen that already comes with the car anyway. I don't particularly blame anyone that decides it's too expensive though, because it is. Especially considering you don't get free map updates when you can get a Garmin unit with lifetime maps for $100-$150. But I think having the nav integrated into the car is worth it because I do find myself using the nav fairly often at random times and it's nice to have easy access to it.
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