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New 3" SS 2JR DP & USED 2JR 3" SS CBE

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As of right now local buyers only.

Selling as a whole system, not seperating.
The cbe is used and a couple weeks old, the catted dp is new never installed. $700 Firm. NO TRADES, NO LOW BALLS!!!
I have it in storage out in Northern NJ.

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Im selling this $700 Stainless Steel catback for $400...anyone? Local pickups.

This is what it sounds like: [video=youtube;yHl12F2hcxE]

sorry for the cheap camera audio clipping.
Yeah that video really doesn't help a whole lot...
What ya want from a cheap $40 emerson action cam...
$400 for the CBE and DP? Too bad I'm not really close.
No, $400 for just the cbe.

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Not selling the dp seperatly. If you want the dp you have to buy both as a set cause its harder to sell the cbe alone.

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Ah ok. I was confused cuz you said you were not separating. So it's $700 for both then?

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Price drop...$600 for the dp and cbe bought together...

$350 for cbe and $300 for dp if bought seperate... local pickups.
Hi I am willing to come pick it up from you. Pm me.
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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