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New article.....of course the ST wins

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Car should finally be delivered this week! Can't wait! I'll figure out the stick-shift thing on the way home
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[QUOTE="Can't wait! I'll figure out the stick-shift thing on the way home
Don't be upset when shifting takes more than just the drive home to figure out... It's as much an art as a science......

The "CAR TALK" lesson on using a clutch....................
go to an empty parking lot. put the car in neutral. using only your left foot on the clutch, get the car rolling, without killing the car.; that is don't give it any gas to make it go....... push in the clutch, use the brake, stop and car and do it again. .. only when you can consistently get the clutch out all the way without killing the car should you advance to shifting. ...

Good Luck..Enjoy... .(we know you will)[/QUOTE]

Really, REALLY hard to do! (unless the lot slopes down)
It is a good lesson though when you put the car in gear. That's how I taught my daughter, first day was just start/stop/repeat.
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