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New FiST - need to mount front license plate

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So I finally got my new-to-me FiST! Molten Orange with every options checked. So far I am absolutely loving it!

However, I do have one question. Opposite of most threads, I need to mount a front bumper license plate. The car didn't come with one, does anyone have suggestions?
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Modbargains has this thing that mounts to the bumper under the car: Sho N Sto license plate holder

I might have done something like that if the car did not come with a stock plate holder.
I looked at that one too, problem is it would block a lot of air flow to the intercooler. Not too sure if there's enough room of to one side without obstructing the fog light.
Ah. I did not read your prior post completely. That's true, but I guess I'm not too concerned about the intercooler in normal driving situations on city streets. I just don't make extreme demands on the car around town, cruising on the freeway etc. I also don't hoon around on mountain roads (at least not to any excessive degree). However, it would be handy for track days as it would easy to remove allowing for unobstructed flow.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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