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Hello from Miami, FL

Just got a Kona Blue ST a few days ago but I have been reading over posts here for awhile. Looking forward to some autocross!

Previous cars in order of most recent...
2010 Mazdaspeed 3
2008 WRX STi
2008 WRX
1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
2003 Mustang GT
2001 Cougar ZN
1986 Fiero GT
1986 CRX Si

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OK well I am way behind you. I won't even mention the family cars I have owned, but did at least have an 81 prelude and an 88 mazda 323, which were both OK...oh hell my 91 Dodge Omni was a better performer than most give credit, and my 71 Impala was a freaking beast in a straight line, oh and the 76 Torino was not bad ...and the 76 Volare with the 316 (I think) could flat out got it, but I just bought a Fiesta ST. I am surprised as any of you. She is the sweetest car I have ever owned ....raced a Nissan Z370 down 400 (Georgia autobahn) Saturday. Ok faster car all around, but it couldn't lose me and they were pissed. I gave him the thumbs up, but they just blew me off. I don't think we got above 110. Life is good. I didn't like the tail wagging in braking. Everone here is all about more speed. I am looking for better braking...that's where the crap happens. I believe I can get all the speed out of Despereaux (That's what Zoe call calls her or him....or maybe he has gender identity issues?). I have more to say. Looking for a Focus or nFusion, but while they were doing credit check test drove this bad a$$ bitch. I'm tweaking and I am for life a FiST! Gimme a margarita and watch me rip!
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