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Hi Guys,

On the west coast,

I have been working on my own stuff since I was 17. Mostly I work on MFI OBDI 80s stuff, especially f-bodies or mid aughts sport bikes.

I have 7 vehicles
1998 XR-650L engine out, seized wrist pin
1989 XR-600r suspected slipped ring, not title
1980 CM-400a swapped motor, CB450, rebuilt, cant get the dual aftermarket mikuni carbs to run right
2007 ZX-10R Suspected main fuse failure
2011 S1000rr works
1989 IROC-Z Camaro Suspected Misaligned torque converter
2016 Fiesta ST Suspected Clutch Failure

Other Vehicles I maintain for friends and family
1967 280sl in full resto process
1984 Nighthawk 700s suspected bad exhaust valve seat cylinder 3
2006 R1 severe overheating, improper exhaust, being daiilyed against my recommendation
1998 Firebird TA works, although just got into a fender bender
2016 Town & Country works, just did the transmission pan gasket
2004 Suburban 8.1 Vortec AWD works, just keep adding oil

So yeah. I can generally hold my own. Not sure if I ever actually manage to fix anything since I ride my stuff hard which generally get's it right back into the shop where it started.

Created account because I need advice on my Fiesta which seems to have had some type of clutch failure.

Happy Wrenching!


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