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Bought my car on the 11th, but it's been so crazy with work, etc that I haven't really enjoyed the car much. Took a quick weekend trip to Philly with my girlfriend last weekend - so this weekend is more relaxed and hopefully a change to shoot a few real photos. As a fulltime photographer, I'm disappointed that I've only taken a few pics of my car so far (and all on my iPhone).

It's a white 2015 ST. Already put winter steelies and tires on. Will throw on some cheap hubcaps to cover up the exposed parts to winter crap. Fun car to drive, and still breaking in the engine... at around 550 right now.

Future mods: rear engine mount, maybe tint, and efinitely roof racks before the spring. I own way too many bikes to put them all inside.

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'15 tux black ST here. Bought mine in February and I already have the mod bug real bad. I still have not seen another FiST in the NOVA DC area yet! I'm in Arlington.
35% tint
Cobb accessport stage 2
Mountune induction hose
Mountune lower hot side charge pipe
Cobb high flow panel filter
Ported stock air box and ram air
Boomba oil cap (3 hp)
Mountune catted downpipe (in the mail)
Fswerks exhaust (in the mail)
Cobb RMM
I did not realize I did that much already until I typed it all.

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Hello! I just purchased my '15 FiST on Monday, and I'm also in the DC/MD area. I hadn't seen any FiSTs around until I went to go buy mine and they sold it that day... then I bought the other one the dealer had in stock. Then as I was driving home, I saw two more!
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