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New to fourm, new owner 2015 FIST

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Been on the 3 main boards reading up on mods and discussions about the FIST - nice little community and I wanted to share my install of a backup camera - why Ford did not include this as an option for the ST is beyond comprehension, and don't get me started about not having a Xenon option as well....

I read up on various options and pieced together my own budget yet clean install that I think the community would find valuable.

Camera: - I got 2 of these in case of crappy Chinese quality. These fit directly into the license plate light. Keep in mind you will still need to drill a hole in your car. I found out that there was no way to get the access into the rear hatch from this location. (can't fit the 3/8 in composite video plug)....

LCD: =- Std cheap screen works pretty well. Comes with all required cables - the power cable is crap, but I used it to reduce the # of wires needed to hide in the cabin.

18g-22g electrical Wires, taps, electrical tape - get some wire taps 4 should be fine. Pretty straight forward.

1) Remove drivers tail light - feed composite cable to the front of cabin and into the back, fish thru the rubber grommet the rear tail light uses.
2) Tap the reverse ground (blk) and power (white)
3) connect this to the camera power plug.
4) pop the rear hatch trim (its a PITA)
5) fish wire from tail light to center or rear hatch where you will drill the hole.
6) Drill hole in middle where the license plate goes (3/8 should do it). I used duct tape to weather proof until I get a grommet.
7) Pop out driver license plate light - plug in license plate light and use electrical tape to secure in the new camera module.
8) Fish wires into new hole you made in the car. Connect - test - put car in reverse - if the lcd in the cam lights you're good.
9) Hide wire under driverside plastic trim, jam it under where trim (door sill) meets the carpet.
10) Keep hiding wires on up to the drivers side front pillar.
11) now your composite video wire + power wire is read to connect to lcd monitor.
12) You will need to wire up a new ground for the camera - look up driver foot well, there is a good ground spot where an existing wire is.
13) You are done, make it look decent and you saved $500 bucks.


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