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No Power!!??

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Hey guys, I'm a new 2015 FiST owner. Love this thing. It's a power house! Soo much fun to take on\off ramps with. I live in Wisconsin Where the winters are COLD (0-20 degree). So I switched from the stock summer tires, to the Bridgestone Blizzacks ws-80's tire for winter purposes only.

So, ever since I switched tires I have not experienced much power at all. The vehicle feels naturally aspirated at times, and at other times I get that same 'sensation' of speed. I can't figure out what is happeneing. But the vehicle has 4,000 miles on it, and for the first 3,500 miles it was an absolute blast! There is a clear difference between torque (or lack there of).

These are the things I have checked for already:

-intercooler hose clamps. (I tightened all 11 or so clamps so they are tight)
-Tire pressre. (It's all on at tire spec)
-Dealership checked it out. (vehicle did not draw any codes)
-"no"... I'm not getting used to the power this things puts out. (There is a HUGE differernce before and after)
-Traction control. (I've tested on and off. I've also kept a close eye on the TC light and it does not come one. The road conditions have been very dry for the past 3 weeks with absolutely no snow or ice on the ground at all.)

The pulls, and overtakes are not even close to what they used to be, and have not even 50% of the felt power as it used to be. So please guys, I'm dying to find out what the heck is going on with my new car. The dealership employees are morons, they took my car for a day and gave it back stating that everything is fine and the turbo works perfectly fine. But I'm tellin ya..... IT DOES NOT PULL NEARLY WHAT IT USED TO. PLZ HELP ME....

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All I have available is 91 octane. But I watched Matt Ferrah's video's on the Fiesta. And his is all 91 octane. California octane, which I was told is worse than ours here in wisconsin.
I did check the clamps. Is there anything near the rear exhaust I should check?
And how come the dealership says that everything is ok and in line? Is that normal?
I go to BP gas stations and get their 91. couldn't tell you what is in it.
My sound symposer doesn't even have that ripping sound anymore when you really crank on the engine....
I did a little research. My gas contains Ethanol. But will that really make that huge of a difference?
And that is just it. At times it feels super quick. But at other times, It feels, well.... normal.
Can't really put my finger on it.
Reddog.... that might be it! I pulled out of a 2nd gear turn yesterday and went into third. And the car was fast. But it just didn't have that edge to it. When i got out of the car i smelled burnt/ hot rubber. Hhmmmm... any one else have this experience?
I found out what is was guys.... sure enough I put my car on a ramp. Crawled under it. and the cold side tube running directly to the intercooler was loose. I retightened it and WAMB!!!!! All my power back! CAn't..... Beleive... that's..... what..... it... was...... LOL
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