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OEM strut top hats part #'s?

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Anybody have part #'s for the OEM strut top hats with bearings, etc?

Looking to not have to disassemble my OEM struts, just want to bolt on new OEM top hats with bearings, etc to my coilovers.

Thanks in advance!
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Perfect! thanks! Anybody know if ST/normal Fiesta use the same top hats and bearings?
Bilsteins use the OEM top units and I want a complete unit to unbolt and swap. There are your answers. ;)

Not my first rodeo but I appreciate the concerns.
If it is not your first rodeo as you say.
Maybe you could try a Ford dealer for Ford part numbers instead of forums. :confused:
Or do you need a phone number?

I guess my reply was somewhat snarky enough to warrant your snarky reply. I was asking on the forum to see if anybody had already done this and had the part #'s handy. I do know about Ford dealers and phones.

Thank you for your concern.
Here we go,

ST strut mount C1BZ*3A197*D $7.65 each

Strut bearing 8V5Z*18198*A $8.83 each

-Steve :D
Thanks Steve, I already put in an order with you guys last week. :)
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What is the ST front sway bar diameter?
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