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OZ vs Team Dynamics

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I'm stuck on deciding which wheels to go with. I plan on going matte black and 17 inches. The oz will be a few hundred more, what are your guys opinions? Thanks!
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I'm stuck on deciding which wheels to go with. I plan on going matte black and 17 inches. The oz will be a few hundred more, what are your guys opinions? Thanks!
I would choose O.Z. Ultraleggeras over anything *IF* they were made in 7.5" width. The only thing that turned me off about the Team Dynamics is the time you have to wait for the wheels to arrive (10-12 weeks) and the money that has to be tied up for that duration. That ultimately is why I chose another route. If I were only interested in running the stock tire (and size) I'd be all over the black O.Z. Ultraleggeras Tire Rack has.
I went with the Team D in a 15x8 for my track wheels since i am in no rush the wait is nothing compared to how long i waited for the car and the money is spent on wheels so i can't spend it on something else while I'm shopping for wheels :) I didn't know OZ had Matte Black out ? may be a different style than I was looking at ...
The ultraleggeras are a matte/satinish finish. They aren't really a gloss. It may not be what most people think is matte but it's more of a subtle finish on the wheel.
Ya i see what you mean would love to see a real life pic of one in the sunlight I still like the looks of them though .. just wish it was a weee bit wider as a option..
For comparison purposes the Ultraleggera is a premium alloy, low pressure cast, and heat treated wheel. The Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 is also a premium alloy, low pressure cast, and heat treated wheel which is also shot peened. The Ultraleggera is manufactured in Italy, the Pro Race 1.2 in the UK. Both have high quality OEM finishes. OZ has a 2 year wheel warranty. Team Dynamics has a lifetime structural warranty an 1 year finish warranty. Both OZ and Team Dynamics warranties are extended to original owners with receipts/proof of purchase.

The Ultraleggera is only available in two colors and one offset (42mm).

The Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 is available in 15 colors and has a wide range of offset choices available, and all center bores are oem spec.

The Ultraleggera is an off the shelf wheel only. The Pro Race 1.2 is either off the shelf (supply is limited), or can be spec ordered from the UK factory to take advantage of the vast array of options/combinations to suit your desire. Spec ordering a set has either a 12 week ETA with container shipping (5 weeks on the water), or 6-7 weeks using air freight. There are no fees to spec order, and you can order any quantity you want, in any size/color/offset available. "Team Dynamics Motorsport" lettering is optional on the Pro Race 1.2.

Price wise, the Ultraleggera is in the +$200 per set range VS the Pro Race 1.2. The Ultraleggera weighs right about 1.5lbs less than the Pro Race 1.2.

I am not here to knock the Ultralegerra, but to compare. With knowledge, you can make an informed decision.

I will address weight. Weight is always important and not to be overlooked. I have personally asked Team Dynamics why they have slightly heavier wheels in the lightweight category. Their answer was obvious, for strength, something I can attest to personally with the Pro Race 1.2, which I have been selling since 2009 and have had zero structural issues reported. As is obvious as well, lighter weight comes at a premium.

OZ has wider US distribution (Tire Rack) and has spent more in advertising/building the brand here in the US. Team Dynamics has zero US advertising, and limited distribution. Both brands are high profile in Europe.

IMO, the only thing the Ultraleggera has over the Pro Race 1.2 is wheel weight. I do not address appearance, at it is subjective.

For sure, the Pro Race 1.2 is a true bang for the buck wheel.

I should add both are heavily involved in motorsports at every level, Formula 1 on down.
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