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P0014? Camshaft position timing over exhaust side?

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So had the car for 2 weeks. Put gas in it and hotrodded down the boulevard to Wal-Mart. Came back out and the CEL was on. Instinctively, I popped the hood while it was running to check for any vac leaks or loose plugs. ALL good in the hood. On the drive home, I experienced no powerloss, hessatation, or smells.. All seemed fine. Got her home. Kept her running and plugged in my obdII scanner. Pulled 2 codes. P0014, and p0014 (69). Shut the engine off and looked up the code. I started her back up and it only showed one code. P0014. As in its just stored and is no longer actively happening. I'm still under the factory warranty for about 11000 more miles. I cleared the code myself and if it pops back up, I'm gonna call the local ford dealer.. anyone ever have to deal with this code? Seems like a random fluke to me, but time will tell.. haha
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