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Paint chips

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I don't know about you guys but I got a ton of them.. particularly on my hood..i counted probably 10 or so on my hood, and they're good size and down to the metal. I'm curious to know if Ford would repaint the hood or say too bad. Anybody else having issues with them?
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I had 4-5 slightly noticeable ones on my front bumper within the first 3 weeks of ownership. I was really surprised as my previous car didn't get chipped or pitted out over the course of a year (same commute). The dings prompted me to get a clear bra on the front bumper, headlights, and mirror caps. It's definitely not perfect perfect as the said dings are now underneath the clear bra, but a normal person wouldn't notice flaws. I opted to NOT do the hood and what not simply because it was too damn expensive and this is a Fiesta after all. :)
Location probably has something to do with it too, I guess. I'm in SoCal so I figured I would be 'in the clear' from dings and paint chips. I was wrong... Ha! If you live anywhere where it snows or rains I would imagine your problems are much worse than mine. :(
Almost 2 months since my last post and I have more dings. I've given up at this point. Luckily the fun factor makes me forget about it. :)
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