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Paint chips

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I don't know about you guys but I got a ton of them.. particularly on my hood..i counted probably 10 or so on my hood, and they're good size and down to the metal. I'm curious to know if Ford would repaint the hood or say too bad. Anybody else having issues with them?
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yeah im gonna swing by on the weekend and see what they say. If it was 1 or 2 small ones I wouldn't care but theyre all over the place. And yeah I have some at the very top of my hood too like the top rim part how does that even happen lol. I just look at my dads vw that he's had for years hopping up and down the highway and he has very little and the ones he does are tiny..kills me
Well our Fiestas may be fast, but they're still an economy car. There is probably a reason despite the 6-speed and turbo it's still only a $22k car.
Mine was just under $30k and for that price I expect paint to last and not just chip away what feels like everytime I look at it :p
What in the world makes you think Ford would be willing to pay for damage that they didn't inflict? It won't hurt to ask, but I wouldn't make a special trip to ask them. If it's not a factory defect, or wasn't done at the dealer, then they'd be crazy to fix it for free...
Doesn't hurt to ask..
My philosophy is, ultimately, that if you want to keep your paint perfect, then put the car into a garage and never drive it. The roadway is a nasty and dirty place and if you you travel it, your car will sustain damage. :(
I do agree, I just think its crazy how many chips (and only on my hood) are already there after less then a year of driving.. and I've had 3 other cars and never had these type of chips. Plus like I've said my dad got his vw tiguan around the same time I got my fiesta and his hood has very little suggested black may just be a weak colour, I've also heard ford paint isn't always the greatest (this is my first ford)
You guys have me freaked out, I was gonna buy a black st but now I'm reconsidering... How is the silver with chips... Any better? When people say seeing the primer, what color is the primer
its chips down on mine to the metal it looks like..if its the primer its silver. Don't be freaked out, you're gonna get chips in any car you buy, just was a little freaked out at how fast I got some and they all were on my hood strangely but hey, I've learned to deal with em, not much I can do but drive it and love it.
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