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Paint chips

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I don't know about you guys but I got a ton of them.. particularly on my hood..i counted probably 10 or so on my hood, and they're good size and down to the metal. I'm curious to know if Ford would repaint the hood or say too bad. Anybody else having issues with them?
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Oh yea I've got a bunch of them too and it makes me really mad. They are even at the top of my hood, which is kinda rare to get them up there. I'm definitely going to get a clear bra on the entire hood and bumper. My car isn't even a year old yet and it's already got 7 or so chips taken out of it. I bought the Ford touch up paint kit and I'm going to do that hopefully this weekend. Clear bra protection is not cheap (probably going to cost me like $700 or so) but it will be worth it. I wish Ford would have done something to better protect this car. I don't think they will do anything for free to fix it.
Let me know what they say. I've been majorly stressing over this for a couple months now. It seems like every time I look, there's a new one. I guess I can't have nice things lol
Location probably has something to do with it too, I guess. I'm in SoCal so I figured I would be 'in the clear' from dings and paint chips. I was wrong... Ha! If you live anywhere where it snows or rains I would imagine your problems are much worse than mine. :(
Yep! I live in Ohio and it snows and rains all the time here. We had a really bad winter last year so there were tons of salt trucks on the roads. I'm pretty sure 90% of my chips are from salt rocks.
I doubt that Ford/your dealer will do anything about it, but it's well worth a try!

That's why I got my entire front end covered, bumper, hood, fenders, and side mirrors, well worth it, and learned it the hard way with my other cars, now I never leave the dealer without having it installed.
What did you pay to have that done? I'm probably gonna do this next month. Definitely needs to be done before this coming winter
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