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I prefer the rims on my ST to be...

  • 17" baby! Just like nature (uh... Ford) intended

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • 16" and I have my reasons! (More compliant ride, weight savings, cheaper tires, etc.)

    Votes: 12 57.1%
  • 15" 'cause that's just how I roll!

    Votes: 2 9.5%

Poll: 17" rims or smaller for daily driving?

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Hi everyone,

I know many of you are running smaller winter wheels at the moment, and some of you will swap out wheels for track days and autocrossing, but this is just a general poll to see what rim size you prefer for everyday driving. :cool:
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16's are little smoother ride but i dont mind the 17's i use on my focus.
For my daily driving I think I prefere the extra cushion of a 45 or 50 series tire on a 16" wheel.
I'll chime in a little later after my 16"s go on.. Expecting delivery at the end of next week. (Wheel's are here, tires are not.)

I don't like the LOOK of 17"s... tbh I am not a fan of big wheels. I hate the 20+" that a lot of modern sports cars are coming with from the factory.

Prefer big rubber, small metal. But that's strictly from an aesthetics standpoint.

I'll post up about ride opinions after I drive around in the 16" set.

I will say, that I don't find the ride on the 17" wheels to be as harsh as some people are posting... Surprisingly... But then I had 20s on the Camaro, and that was a stiff ride..

It certainly isn't a soft ride though.. but It doesn't bother me too much. I suppose that might depend if you live in a place that has decent roads or not too though.

I suspect, that I will prefer the 16s regardless. But we'll see in a week or so.
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I'm using 16" SVT Contour wheels with 195/45-16 winter tires now. in spring the OE 17" wheels and OE 205/40-17 tires go back on.
Thanks for the feedback and poll answers, everyone.

Drumr90, what size tires are you running on those 17"s on your Focus?

stuntdoogie, with the condition of the streets in NYC, especially with the potholes that magically appear this time of year, I don't blame you!

Mayhem, your response about the aesthetics was especially refreshing. I have a co-worker (who drives a Scion FRS) who cringes at the very thought of "downsizing" the rims, based purely on the look, so it's nice to see a differing opinion. I'm curious to read your impressions on the ride quality once you get the 16"s on, too.

eRic, those SVT rims are simply beautiful. If they were mine, I'd make them my permanent wheels.

I still have a few weeks to go before I take delivery of mine, but I'll need to swap out either the tires or wheels immediately, and based on the feedback that I'm finding from you guys on this forum, it doesn't look like I can go wrong either way. Personally, I really like the look of the stock rims and it's cheapest just to throw some high performance all-seasons on them, but long-term, I think I'd probably be happier with that added bit of smoothness and comfort from 16" wheels (considering that this will be a daily driver that won't be pushed anywhere near its limits).

More comments are welcome, so please, keep 'em coming!
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I'm currently using 16" wheels with 205/45 tires and the ride quality it slighty better. Turn in response has improved as well bit overall grip went way down because of the performance all season tires. I will eventually be replacing these with 215/45 performance tires :)
I will eventually be replacing these with 215/45 performance tires :)
Why don't they make high performance all-season tires in this size? :(
I really needed to answer 16's and 17's. Now until March it'll be 16's with Pirelli Snow Control II's in 195/45's and come spring it'll be the stock 17 inch rims with the Bridgestone Potenzas. I did notice a difference with the 16's being more compliant and the steering is lighter with 15 pound rims vs. the 22.5 pound rims that came with the car.

Yesterday while driving in several inches of snow my biggest problem was other people that didn't have snow tires. Got stuck behind an older Explorer with all wheel drive and bald tires. And on the way home I couldn't make the green arrow turning left at an intersection being the third vehicle. The first vehicle was a Mustang. Uugh.
Why don't they make high performance all-season tires in this size? :(
... because life would be too easy :) I would prefer all season tires as well for comuting.
Switched to continental DWS 205 45 16s and couldn't be happier. The grip/comfort trade off works for me considering I live in a tropical climate.
Im definatly goin down to 16" hopefully this spring but only when i decide on which coilovers to buy. I wanna install suspension and wheels at the same time. Looking for a comfy flush setup, cant wait. Rota slips or sparco assetta are on that list but cant decide yet.

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I run 205 45 17 perrelli pzero nero on my focus. Ive slammed pot holes a few times and didnt phase me.
16's all the way. no sacrifices vs. 17" stockers whatsoever. Only benefits.
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Audiphile im waiting for that day we pass each other by in the city somewhere lol

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yeah man, we're like 10 minutes apart. I'm loving my car!
yeah man, we're like 10 minutes apart. I'm loving my car!
Tell me about it! I look for any excuse to drive it.
Tolls? What tolls? Lol
For some reason paying tolls to get to work doesnt bother me anymore...

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