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Haven't received my FiST yet, but have driven the Focus ST, and a '14 Titanium Fiesta... (And currently driving a '13 focus loaner vehicle while I wait for my ST).

I have already mentioned it in other threads but I always recommend, driving the Focus ST and a '14 Fiesta Titanium back to back if you can't get a hold of a FiST to test drive..... The titanium will give you a feel for the dimensions. The Focus for performance/suspension and for a good idea on which dimensions you are happier with.

Obviously the Focus has more power, and a different suspension setup... But still gives you an idea what a more performance based setup feels like. in a comparable vehicle.

Personally, I found the Focus ST to be a lot of fun, but the dimensions in the '14 Fiesta were far more exciting. I had a blast even in the titanium trim, and that was good enough for me. Given the increase in power in the Fiesta ST.....the ST is going to be a riot.

I think the Fiesta looks a lot better than the focus too. Front and back. My biggest criticism for the Fiesta's appearance is.... that it might look better if it was a little wider/lower. It looks a little narrow/tall. And the worst thing I ever heard that I can't get out of my head now is the "baby shoe" comparison.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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