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powdercoat stock wheels

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Hello all,
Wanted to get some wheels for my molten orange FiST, but coming from a s2000 its shocking how little options we have in regards to wheels. I feel the only way to get a good fit, and unique look is probably going custom wheels (looking at fifteen52). But can't justify the price on those wheels with a FiST.

So i've decided to stick with OEM wheels for the next year or two and just powdercoat them over the winter season. I'm just having a real hard time trying to find a rim color that suits the molten orange!

i saw this photoshop of a green envy st and actually liked it

wondering what thoughts you guys have on what color powdercoating (solid of even two colors like the above pic) would look nice on a molten orange.
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There's still something satisfying about a good, durable powder coat...

The TARDIS' New Shoes by dirtyblueshirt, on Flickr
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Those look badass!!!!! That would be my first choice but plastic dip is cheaper so I'll probably go that route until I get 18s on her.
Thanks! Don't get me wrong, in some cases PlastiDip is probably better, especially when you're not sure you want to live with that color 'forever'. I would highly recommend that once you find that a color works for you, save up enough to do the full powder coat. I had the luxury of having my stock rims to use while these were in for coating, then I took them to America's Tire (Discount Tire) and had the rubber mounted, balanced, and put on the car for $19 a wheel (I had also pre-bought the wheel sensors from Steve at Tasca). Good luck, and We can't wait to see what you end up with!
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Tires were mounted after the coating? Machine didnt scratch the coating?

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Correct. Most shops these days will have tire mounting machines that do not require a pry bar to touch the rim when putting on the tire.

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