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powdercoat stock wheels

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Hello all,
Wanted to get some wheels for my molten orange FiST, but coming from a s2000 its shocking how little options we have in regards to wheels. I feel the only way to get a good fit, and unique look is probably going custom wheels (looking at fifteen52). But can't justify the price on those wheels with a FiST.

So i've decided to stick with OEM wheels for the next year or two and just powdercoat them over the winter season. I'm just having a real hard time trying to find a rim color that suits the molten orange!

i saw this photoshop of a green envy st and actually liked it

wondering what thoughts you guys have on what color powdercoating (solid of even two colors like the above pic) would look nice on a molten orange.
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Why not plastidip instead? Cheaper than powdercoat and if you decide you don't like it, just peel it off an try a different shade.
Nope. There's a couple guys in the SCCA that have plastidipped their rims and the look god event after event. Stays on until you peel it off yourself. It is susceptible to rock chipping just like paint, but that's it.
No need to unmount the tires to plastidip. Just mask off the tire and spray the wheel.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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