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Practicality as a daily driver?

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I'm really tempted to order a new Fiesta ST but I'm concerned the ride may be a little harsh for the roads I drive. After the novelty of a new car has worn off, am I going to hate driving this thing?

Also, can any existing Fiesta owners comment on how well it works for hauling small kids (3 and 6) around to daycare and school, etc.? The back seats look a little tight and my wife doesn't think it is big enough.
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I'm really tempted to order a new Fiesta ST but I'm concerned the ride may be a little harsh for the roads I drive. After the novelty of a new car has worn off, am I going to hate driving this thing?

Also, can any existing Fiesta owners comment on how well it works for hauling small kids (3 and 6) around to daycare and school, etc.? The back seats look a little tight and my wife doesn't think it is big enough.
Well, heck, I haul two, three or four of my college-aged kids around in my 2011SES so I don't think the ST will have a problem with smaller folks.
That is such a hard question to answer for someone else. I have driven small cars my entire life and love them for their nimble handling. I also am willing to put up with what others would say is a stiff ride because I'd rather have a good handling car than one that makes me feel like I'm at home on my couch.

Everyone's perceptions are calibrated differently.
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You're not going to find a sporty car that is very much better at soaking up bumps, sporty cars just are not designed for that.

I'm not worried at all and I drive on some of the worst maintained freeways in the country. Lots of cracks and potholes but I'm more worried about the Recaros getting torn up from a regular commute.

After driving a truck, the Fiesta ST should be no worse unless you are driving on dirt roads or something.
I spent 5 days straight driving the ST to 8 different states with my wife and neither of us had any issues with the ride quality. My wife is not a fan of stiff riding cars, and she had no complaints with the ride of the ST. So far, I have logged over 6,000 miles in the ST and love it for a daily driver. The only thing that I 100% hate is the arm rest in the console, but if you know me, then you already know my hatred for arm rests.
I've said elsewhere, but I'm old, fat, and had back surgery in 2007. That hadn't stopped me from driving my SVTF daily even on stiff H&R Race springs, which are WAY stiffer than any ride you'll experience out of the FiST. WRC Fan got it right, everyone's perceptions are different. You just need to decide what kind of ride you are willing to live with daily.

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OLD ya right let me know when they look up your bum:woot: then you know you are old !!! LOL darn kids !! personally I think its a case of folks not being used to how the short sideway tires feel its and acquired taste that the rest of the aspects of the car marginalize the someway stiffer than a Crown Vic. ride .. but that's just my opinion
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I daily drive my current car with stiff suspension and low profile tires. I don't feel every bump in the road, but you get a little more perceptive of bumps, cracks, potholes and such than you would if you were driving a car with factory suspension and tires with larger sidewalls. I prefer the small car with good handling over the big truck with boat like handling though.

After driving my mom's truck around several weeks back I kept forgetting I was in a taller vehicle with not so great handling and I took some turns that made me feel like I was gonna tip it over that my car could have taken at a faster speed without any feeling of control loss. The truck definitely absorbed the bumps so much better than my car could, I hit a small pothole with the truck and had I not known it was there I wouldn't have felt it where with my car that pothole could be a very large bang and a possible bent wheel. That's the two extremes to the handling and ride quality aspect, but I much prefer a rougher ride with better handling over smoother ride and the constant feeling of lack of control.

A regular Fiesta would be more towards better handling, but the ride quality will be no doubt better than an ST. With a larger car you'd start losing more of the handling aspect and get into better ride quality. It's all about where you feel is right. With the ST you'd have to be aware you can't just run over every pothole you come across like you can with a truck, and you might have to take something like a railroad crossing or an abrupt bump in the road at a lower speed. You won't feel every pebble in the road, but larger cracks, bumps and such will not all be absorbed by the tires and suspension and you will end up feeling it.

If you feel like you (and your wife) can sacrifice ride quality for handling then the ST might be the car for you. If not, you might be better suited to a regular Fiesta or even a larger car like the Focus or Fusion.
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Go test drive a 2014 Fiesta... And test drive a Focus ST. It will give you a lot of insight as far as what to expect in the Fiesta ST.

That is exactly what I did. It really helped in making my decision. It is not going to be exact, but it is going to give you a rough idea. The Fiesta for the dimensions, and the Focus ST for the more performance oriented suspension/driving experience + recaro's.

No two people are going to feel exactly the same about their driving experience with any given vehicle...

I don't even agree with the poster above as far as trucks+handling vs stiff suspensions :) lol But I respect that everyone has their own preferences/comforts. Which is exactly why you need to sort that out for yourself.

I have made the mistake of trusting other peoples opinions in the past and was quite disappointed when the car was delivered and I had to live with it and strongly disagreed with majority of the opinions that I read.

And I am by no means saying anyone else's opinion is invalid... But just keep in mind that you might feel differently.

Not something I would gamble that much money on "again" without testing the waters first hand. Granted I haven't driven an ST and I have one on order.... I trust that the '14 Fiesta titanium + Focus ST test drive back to back.... is more than adequate testing for myself.

And if you are not 100% sure at the test drive... Test drive again.. It's easy to have the blinders on due to excitement/anticipation. And try to drive it in places/conditions relevant to the places/conditions you are concerned about as far as living with the car goes.
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As far as back seat space... It never ceases to amaze me how widely people vary in opinions of what is "enough" back seat space and what isn't....
I still can't get over guys on the Raptor forums complaining that there isn't enough leg room in the SuperCab Raptors.... I have had no problems transporting people who are 6'7 ish? Yet you'll find people who are 5'8 complaining, that they can't fit their kids in the back. lol

And on the flip side, you'll find some people on Scion FR-S forums who think the back seats are adequate for adults.... I am not a big guy but wow is that an uncomfortable place to be... lol

There are a ton of videos on youtube of people driving around in the Fiesta's.... Many of which clearly you can see 2-3 grown adults in the back seat... Taking road trips across the country.....

And being as popular as the Fiesta is in Europe...... given the conditions of some of the roads out there.. I find it hard to believe that it isn't suitable for a daily driver with those circumstances....

Everyone's different though. Bring the kids and wife along to the dealership, when you test out a '14 Fiesta titanium & a Focus ST. Best to be thorough so you and your family can be more comfortable in the decision.
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I agree the Fiesta ST will have a TON of rear seat room compared to my FRS you can transport 4 humans in it but two better be kids or have no legs.. and you better be friends cuz after 100 miles you will need them to help you out of the back so called seats.. LOL we also have a 4 dr pick up though not a super cab its is HUGE back there I think the kids could have a soccer game back there while driving ... People are funny and I hope to open there eyes to the power of the Fiesta ST with this lil urban gorilla LOL
OP: You can in fact have the best of both worlds - cushy ride, excellent handling - but you will need to pay for it, and quite a bit more than a FiST costs. GM has an option for magnetically-controlled shocks on its Corvette, Caddys, and top end Camaros that will do that for you - not only are they adjustable according to your prefs for dd, they will automatically firm up if you start to get aggressive in your driving. The GM system is so good Ferrari uses it. BMW and others like Porsche now have some form of adaptive struts as well, although the GM system is probably the best out there. The new Vette with these struts is extremely high performance on-track (comparative test upcoming in Motor Trend will have it beating a 991 911S) and yet makes an incredible grand tourer as well (see the Autoweek cross-country drive tests). Seriously considering it along with the FiST and a Mk 7 Golf R...of course it will be 2.5X the cost of a FiST lol.
my 2011 Fiesta has the Ford Racing Bilstein autocross suspension kit that I've driven daily over the moonscape roads of southeast Michigan for the past two years. The spring rates of this kit are roughly double that of the OE springs so it is even stiffer than the Fiesta ST. my parents have ridden in the back seat of my Fiesta while my daughter rides up front and no one complains even with the Magnaflow exhaust burble.
I've got KW variant 1s on my 11, and I'm with Eric, it's fine as a dd.
Yep, my ST is going to be fine as a DD. The ride is fine.

The rear seat space is a little cramped but adequate for me with the front seat adjusted the way I like it so four of 5' 9" me could fit in the car and road trip with few problems except sagging ride height.
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