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I daily drive my current car with stiff suspension and low profile tires. I don't feel every bump in the road, but you get a little more perceptive of bumps, cracks, potholes and such than you would if you were driving a car with factory suspension and tires with larger sidewalls. I prefer the small car with good handling over the big truck with boat like handling though.

After driving my mom's truck around several weeks back I kept forgetting I was in a taller vehicle with not so great handling and I took some turns that made me feel like I was gonna tip it over that my car could have taken at a faster speed without any feeling of control loss. The truck definitely absorbed the bumps so much better than my car could, I hit a small pothole with the truck and had I not known it was there I wouldn't have felt it where with my car that pothole could be a very large bang and a possible bent wheel. That's the two extremes to the handling and ride quality aspect, but I much prefer a rougher ride with better handling over smoother ride and the constant feeling of lack of control.

A regular Fiesta would be more towards better handling, but the ride quality will be no doubt better than an ST. With a larger car you'd start losing more of the handling aspect and get into better ride quality. It's all about where you feel is right. With the ST you'd have to be aware you can't just run over every pothole you come across like you can with a truck, and you might have to take something like a railroad crossing or an abrupt bump in the road at a lower speed. You won't feel every pebble in the road, but larger cracks, bumps and such will not all be absorbed by the tires and suspension and you will end up feeling it.

If you feel like you (and your wife) can sacrifice ride quality for handling then the ST might be the car for you. If not, you might be better suited to a regular Fiesta or even a larger car like the Focus or Fusion.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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