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OP: You can in fact have the best of both worlds - cushy ride, excellent handling - but you will need to pay for it, and quite a bit more than a FiST costs. GM has an option for magnetically-controlled shocks on its Corvette, Caddys, and top end Camaros that will do that for you - not only are they adjustable according to your prefs for dd, they will automatically firm up if you start to get aggressive in your driving. The GM system is so good Ferrari uses it. BMW and others like Porsche now have some form of adaptive struts as well, although the GM system is probably the best out there. The new Vette with these struts is extremely high performance on-track (comparative test upcoming in Motor Trend will have it beating a 991 911S) and yet makes an incredible grand tourer as well (see the Autoweek cross-country drive tests). Seriously considering it along with the FiST and a Mk 7 Golf R...of course it will be 2.5X the cost of a FiST lol.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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