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Pro Race 3 (White) / Direzza Z2s

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Waiting on a set of white Pro Race 3s with Direzza Z2s. This should greatly help the FiST track much better than the mediocre OEM RE050As.

I dunno how the white will look on the Green Envy.. I couldnt find any similar pics out there

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2014 Ford Fiesta ST with Axis Touring Cup Wheels 084
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

P215/40 17 on an ST :)

For me, the P215/40 17 is the only way to go on the car. Wider and extra sidewall is a win-win in terms of footprint and rim protection. Plus, it looks more like a functional car instead of a tuner with ultra small sidewalls. I found the performance of the RE050A's to be very good, but the Direzza ZII is going to be much better. I ran Yokohama S-Drives for a week and did not notice too much of a performance degradation on the street. I expect track and autocross results to really show the RE050A's being better than the Yokes.

Joe, awesome pick for wheels and tires!
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