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Pro Race 3 (White) / Direzza Z2s

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Waiting on a set of white Pro Race 3s with Direzza Z2s. This should greatly help the FiST track much better than the mediocre OEM RE050As.

I dunno how the white will look on the Green Envy.. I couldnt find any similar pics out there

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Stickers arrived. 10x's better than our OEM RE050a's

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Any rubbing with this tire? Im thinking about running the same tire and size on the stock wheels for autox.
You could probably get away with a 15mm spacer and still not rub but 10mm was enough stance for me without having to deal with pulling or tugging on the fenders. My fenders are stock.

I think the optimum wheel would be a 17x8 with 35offset, zero rubbing. I think we'll see people running 17x9s with a light pull on the fender.
No rubbing at all with 215/40/17 AND 10mm spacer on the PR3s. That includes over bumps, hard cornering, etc. Set on 2JR BC coilovers. FYI, these are the EXACT same as the stock weight with tire. So the only advantage is the extra width wo a weight penalty.

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Looks great. Already have the Wildwoods-sweet!
Just so I'm clear your offset is 42 and the spacer pushes it to 32.
I'm thinking 17x7.5 +35 would be just about right for the track.
Also, I would have thought the 215 would bulge more on a 7. Looks just about perfect.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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