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Pro Race 3 (White) / Direzza Z2s

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Waiting on a set of white Pro Race 3s with Direzza Z2s. This should greatly help the FiST track much better than the mediocre OEM RE050As.

I dunno how the white will look on the Green Envy.. I couldnt find any similar pics out there

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Stickers arrived. 10x's better than our OEM RE050a's

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That's the exact tire I will be running too, but on Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 17x7.5 42 offset wheels.
LOVE the wider stance look of the 215s. Looks a lot less "spare tire-ish" lol.
Per the UK, the weight "should be" as listed. I wasn't thrilled with that answer and had TD USA weigh a 17x7/42mm and it came in at 19.8 as well.

I have asked for the listed stock weight to be corrected.
Yeah, that is a bit disappointing for me as well. One of the MAIN reasons for me wanting the Pro Race 1.2s was the less reciprocating mass (weight) of those wheels. I'm sure the 17x7.5s would come in OVER the weight of the stock wheels. -sigh-
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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