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Push Button Start? (Euro Version)

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Has anyone heard if this button is compatible with the U.S. model Fiesta ST as it definitely works for the Focus. Any ideas?


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For those that have installed this what type of technique did you use to get the bezel out of the dash. I am trying to install mine now, and the original will not come out. I swear it is like the damn bezel is glued in there. Help me guys! :(
Brute force.
t does just pry out.
I might suggest that you put tape on the dash around the bezel to protect the dash.

Wow brute force and some wiggling did the job!

I unfortunately have another problem. If you can help me again I'd really appreciate it. The new Ford Power button does nothing when plugged in, but the original still works fine? Any ideas :(
Maybe you have a bad switch.
Make sure all the pins are the same.
If you ordered the part number listed above it is the same as what I have.
Mine works perfectly.

Ok, so I checked all the pins and my order numbers everything looks good. Even the numbers on the two buttons match. I have the original installed and back in place with no issues. Meh I guess I just chalk it up. Thanks for all the help though!
The switch part is the same.
Why not separate the button top from the switch.
Use the working switch and the button top you want.
This also gives you access to the colored lens so you can choose if you want red or blue.


I had no idea you could separate them, I'll have to look into this later on!
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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